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     In order to meet community needs, several civic organizations were granted permission to hold meetings in our church facilities. As the membership continued to grow, so did our need for additional space. Consequently, an Educational Building was constructed in 1970. This added additional Sunday School Class Rooms as well as two large class/social rooms. Our Chapel had limited seating capacity and finally it became unable to seat all those who wanted to worship with us. In 1972 a second Sunday Morning Worship Service was begun.

The History of Covenant Presbyterian Church

Cove​​nant Presbyterian Church U.S.A. • 2881 Canton Road • Marietta, Georgia  30066 • 770-422-5130

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Rev. Kapperman in front of the new Sanctuary

Early Services were held at Blackwell Elementary School

     In 1984, our new sanctuary was completed. Its seating capacity of 500 enabled us to return to one morning service. In May, 1987, Rev. Kapperman retired to Lake Placid, Fla. and helped organize other Presbyterian Churches on the East Coast. Dr. Harry Fifield served as our Interim Pastor from July 1, 1987 to June 30, 1988.

     On July 1, 1988, Dr. Robert J. Blumer, Jr. accepted the call of our Church and became our Pastor. During his tenure we transformed our Chapel into a functioning Fellowship Hall/Theater. In July, 1994, Dr. Blumer accepted a call to Fleminsburg, Ky. In October, 1994, the Reverend Del Perkins became our Stated Supply Pastor and was with us until June, 1996 when he died from cancer. During his time with us, we started a very active shepherding program, had a "Fall Roundup," and our beautiful brick sign out front was constructed. Covenant’s name was finally in "lights."

     In the Spring of 1963 the Church Extension Committee of Cherokee Presbytery called the Rev. Paul Kapperman to organize a new church in N.E. Cobb County. On July 26, 1964, the church was chartered and chose the name Covenant. There were 58 members by the end of the year. Even before a permanent place of worship was constructed, the "Women Of The Church" and "Senior High Fellowship" were organized. In April, 1965, the congregation held its first service in its permanent building–a Chapel with an Educational wing. During the year, the "Men of the Church" and "Junior High Fellowship" were organized. Our very first Vacation Bible School was held that summer.

The finished sanctuary building

     By 1973 our membership had grown to approximately 500 members. The Rev. Fred Boozer was called to Covenant to assist Rev. Kapperman with his pastoral duties on a part-time basis. Rev. Boozer spent the remainder of his time organizing a new church in South Cherokee County. In 1976 Rev. Boozer organized Heritage Church and "took" 31 of our members with him. He was replaced by Rev. Van Edington, whose responsibilities included youth and Christian Education. At the same time our music program was expanded to include a Handbell Choir. In 1979, Rev. Edington, was called to Alabama. In October, 1979, The Reverend Marion Bradwell, a retired Minister, was called to serve as Parish Associate on a part-time basis. The year 1979 saw a significant growth in membership with 90 new members. On April 30, 1983, Rev. Bradwell retired for a second time.

     In August, 1996, the Rev. Jack Westlund became our Interim Pastor. On May 25, 1997, the faithful members of Covenant Church joyfully gathered at our outdoor amphitheater for the purpose of burning the mortgage on the Sanctuary. 

     The Rev. Ken Terrell became our new Senior Pastor on January 1, 1998. In November, 1998, our founding pastor, the Rev. Paul O Kapperman, was elected to be Pastor Emeritus of Covenant Church. The next few years became a time of updating church facilities and ministries. A new organ was purchased in 2001. The kitchen remodeling in 2003 made preparation of fellowship meals an easier task. New lighting in the sanctuary was installed in 2004. By 2006 ten furnaces and nine A/C units had been replaced. A new grand piano was bought in 2007. The music ministry flourished under the leadership of Jerry Black who began his ministry here in 1991. In 2001 we began a relationship with a Brazilian Church, which continued to "nest" at Covenant under the leadership of the Rev. Joao Carlos Rocha until they "flew the nest" in 2009.  On April 1, 2011, Ken Terrell retired.

     The Rev. Zeta T. Lamberson was called as the fifth pastor of Covenant in the Fall of 2012.  As the congregation prepared to celebrate half a century of ministry in July of 2014 the Session made a commitment to a variety of new mission opportunities.  Today our ministry includes a commitment to families in transition through Family Promise of Cobb County, supporting two secondary schools through scholarship funds, providing food relief and women's empowerment program through our ministry in Kenya called the Ahadi Foundation and through providing a day camp program for Kindergarten to fifth grade students during Cobb County school holidays.  We continue to be committed to the ministry of MUST, our Weekday Preschool program, Boy Scouts, and by providing a space for many 12-step programs to meet.  The future of Covenant is bright as we look forward to the next fifty years of ministry in Cobb County. 

     In order to meet the growing needs of our youth, Mrs. Judy Squires was named Director of Christian Education on June 1, 1982, a position she filled until April, 1995. On June 1, 1983, retired minister The Reverend Byron Milton became Parish Associate on a part-time basis. Rev. Milton was Chairman of Cherokee Presbytery’s Church Extension Committee when Covenant was organized in 1964.